Grain of salt

I am a long standing fan of the phrase “take it with a grain of salt”. This is my mantra as I sift through news articles, blog posts, and even peer-reviewed publications. It’s important to view the information that we get through a lens of understanding: understanding that this piece of knowledge was shared by a person, and that person has their biases as well as their limitations in sharing the complete story.

In the constant tidal wave of news during this era of the ‘Anthropocene’, I’ve found myself challenged in limiting things to ‘a grain’ of salt. The problem with this is that even sweet news can become bitter, positives turn to negatives, and negatives turn to downright gag-inducing morsels that are hard to stomach.

Taking everything with a grain of salt sharpens the mental pallet, but taking them with a tablespoon raises your blood pressure…

Here’s to limiting our salt intake.


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